About my work

I’m currently working at Time To Pet, building software to support dog walkers and pet sitting companies run their businesses.

From 2010 - 2021, I worked at Oberlin College building full-stack apps used by administrative offices to facilitate core public-facing and internal business processes. From 2014 - 2021, I was also the director of the Oberlin College ID Card Office, unifying a set of enterprise campus card solutions into a cohesive service for the campus community.

Most of my work has been on the web across the full stack, but I’ve also done significant work in extending existing enterprise SQL Server and Oracle systems that integrate with access control hardware and other enterprise systems.

I’m currently focusing on projects built with Laravel, as well as serverless apps deployed in containers or as event-driven functions. More broadly, I’m interested in the engineering behind no-code platforms, the latest in NoSQL databases, and leveraging modern front-end tools and frameworks to create dynamic, highly refined user interfaces.

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